Author: Major Critic

Online Dating is the Worst of Your Undertakings

Before the rise of smartphones (more specifically dumb phones), internet dating was manageable. Internet dating addicts were geeks with flabby fingers are were just physically unfit for the real world. Their online dating is therefore acceptable, although the part where these bearded geeks impersonate females and eventually turn gay or goes for a transexual operation. Great, they will just be adding numbers to people who, literally, do not fall under any gender. Online dating is no longer what it was. Back in the days, this would happen via email and sometimes – and very rarely – this would be taken to some IM (instant messaging services such as Skype) platform for proof of genuineness and also for the pleasure of it. It’s been a few years down the line and it’s all changed. Online dating isn’t even conducted on the online dating sites. Maybe they should rather be called online hook-up sites as the actual dating in all sorts of apps that were supposed to be used for some ambiguous services. Some hip-hop artists have even been mentioned to participate in this act! I personally find it unbelievable that this is actually happening! It feels more like a new beginning of the end of the end of good things happening to humanity. Online dating is the worst of all human kind inventions other than slave trade and dictatorship. Why...

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Hip-hop Music is Dead, Only Filth Left

“Just get a regular word like what the [fcuk] is a Google? Google? That don’t even make sense!” ~ DMX . “My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in.” ~ Kanye West. I do not have a better term to use, but seriously, hip-hop music is dead. Each and everyday, an average human will have at least 3 encounters with some gibberish-like gibberish rubbish known as hip-hop sometimes dubbed “music.” And, this time, no defense is coming your way. If you are part of the human population inflicted by hip-hop, then you’d better find an alternative – get a life in short. Hip-hop music is dead and gone, so unless you plan to revive it, you better think again of what you support. Back in the days… Hip-hop was at first music. In the 60s, before the invention of the modern computer, a [pron] machine, people would sit down with a pen and paper, and maybe a musical instrument and a third person and maybe a fourth and a fifth. The person in question, that’s the artist would then showcase his composition and would ask the audience of three if the track is worth taking to the studios. The music would be recorded with sense, relevance and a musical feel mind. As times changed… A few years later, as the death of hip-hop was loomig over the...

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“Hello World” Really Sucks

Some guy got bored some many centuries ago and decided to invent a computer. He thought he was constructing humanity, little did he know that he was just the ultimate promoter of idleness and some incredibly unbelievable laziness. Computers have come to provide all kinds of services people don’t need, but they use them anyway. It’s not like the the guy who crucified someone use a computer program, but I he would have to order nails online if he were to do it 47 minutes from now. Well, what I mean is just simple. Computers have been turned into...

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