Let’s make it clear: I am not an animals orphanage manager, neither have I been the dreamer of the ultimate paradise for animals. Humans are animals as well although many are blind to this fact and would bet their genitals against the truth in this. Humans declare themselves as the top the world and their world the center of the universe. If there was to be a war of animals versus humans, humans would sure win, right? So, shouldn’t there be a real difference between animals and human beings then? Should they all be termed as “animals”?

Actually, let me correct myself. It’s not “no difference between animals and humans ,” it’s “no difference between humans and other animals.” Of course a war of animals versus  humans would never come because it’s already on. For some reason, I think animals have been planning how to rid the world of us, only that their short memory has been against their success. I’m siding with the humans already and this should not be the case. Anyway, a major fact that many refuse to believe (while others have the most horrible reasons for believing – science for example) has been stated: that humans are no different from the other animals. Here’s why.

 A female panda takes the male with the best scent tracking techniques. A female lion takes the territory leader. A female human mates with the richest in terms of money, brains or assets. A female buffalo mates with the fiercest bull. Among other amongs, these are a few examples of the most outstanding mating traits. In all of these animals, the male makes the first move whereas the female just gives signs of success or failure in the attempts. In all of these, the female, when mature enough and fit for reproduction, gets a protruding belly part and kicks out some tiny failed attempted replication of itself after a short while. So why are humans different from these?

Since you’re a human, I know your argument is already defined: brains.

The human brain versus other animal brains

Many people have their different theories. But one thing is clear, the brain belonging to any animal is meant for survival, though humans are varied and some have even adapted their brains to be something used for demonstration. Well, the point is, if brains were for survival, then we should compare how the human brain is more adapted for survival than the other animals’ brains. Supposed you who is reading this post is taken into the Amazon jungle for a week, would you survive, with all your human brains? But supposed a lion is taken into the middle of Antananarivo, wouldn’t it survive? The difference? Survival skills.

I know you’re exploding with the fact that animals have not been able to build devices and structures so sophisticated as humans have. If I may ask, how many devices have you built yourself unassisted? And did you know that practically every other animals build its best or home and protects it without guards whatsoever?

Thinking capacity? Every dolphin relies on its own unique initiative to decide on almost every aspect of survival and its social path, whereas practically every human relies on the Einsteinian theories in one way or another without much thought? The human society no longer uses its brain because it invented something called formal education which has rendered each and every participant a drooling idiot that cannot do anything unless he or she wastes his or her first 24 years of life studying theories that will never help in anything except having wasted their time (which would have been of no use to them anyway). So this is your perception of the superiority of the human brain? 😂

Oh and by the way,dolphins use 20% of their brains, whereas human beings never surpass 10% of their brains, which is why they rely heavily on the theories of Einstein to cover up their missing gaps in the brain.

Hold up, don’t get me wrong. I’m not in possession of some human-repellant solution neither am I anti-human, but what doesn’t make humans proper beings to me is just one thing –


Ego. A three-letter word with too much meaning for a three-letter word. Maybe it’s only English that this word doesn’t get proper reputation. Well, “reigning species.” I wonder how long ego is going to let us humans keep this title. Ego has put humans above everything else, and then instructs him to destroy everything under him as well as himself, eventually. Ego is the reason humans cage animals and kill them for sport. Ego is what has fooled the human into his current position, but for how much longer? I doubt the length.

Animals versus humans: no difference between animals and humans except for that one thing, which is the human downfall: ego.