Survival. That’s what rings in every parent’s head when a child comes forth. They would like to mould them into parents and raise their own children, and thus take them to school to let them have a taste of formal education. They know that formal education destroys your head and still don’t mind taking you there, or maybe they don’t. Chances are, they don’t know formal education is bad and don’t give a crap about finding out. They would rather let their children do what they think

Formal education is not bad for everyone. Mark “for everyone.” However, something is certain. Formal education is bad for most of its participants. It hurts them subliminally, sometimes even with their full awareness. And you could be in any of the three categories: the ones not hurt, the ones hurt subliminally and the one hurt awares. Take a look at this…

Formal education destroys: formal education is bad

Stats of how exactly formal education deals with its partakers

If for any reason you didn’t see that, here are the stats: 86% hurt unawares, 6% hurt awares while 8% don’t hurt. If you still didn’t see that, then I guess you stand no chance of seeing it. Anyway, here’s why these statistics are so.

Formal education heavily relies on past works

The laws of whoever and whoever else are what people go to school to study. Not that they’re false. But even before this, let me give you a close lookup of how formal education began. Some 5400 years ago, some idle Egyptians used goat fluid to produce colored liquid (which was just blood – bloody Egyptians!) which was later adapted by the whole world and, due to lack of a better name, got called “ink.” Amused, people wondered how to use ink. Some decorated arrows, others used it for irrigating toy gardens or just for the sake of horrifying the likes of Justin Beiber who have never seen blood.

However, ink was not the tragedy. The tragedy was the invention of the pen which utilised ink to scribble gibberish. Gibberish was fashion as of them, which explains which it’s still in use to date. But even then, pen was not yet the tragedy. The pen eventually got into the pockets of the reputable men in the society and was a privilege just for them. A man was pay anything, maybe even his wife, to know a pen – a feather and a little container of ink – for a lifetime.

Eventually, the pen became a symbol of importance, and, as humans, if you missed out for the opportunity to possess something good, good always want each and every one of your kids to follow in your footsteps. Sheep and cattle were dumped for pen and the businessman saw an opportunity. He opened pen centers, but thought of how to maximize his earnings from this. He therefore made it a tedious process which would take years of unpaid labour. However, the smarter businessman changed tactics when he saw how people dropped out of the pen-acquisition process. Instead, he devised a process when people just laze around for years and then be given the pen which then held the key to unimaginable riches. This system has changed little since, though the pen was given out at the beginning according to the new system, and a piece of paper at the end, a piece of paper called a “degree” which has resulted in of money and trees to acquire and maintain.

Formal education destroys: formal education is bad

A useless piece of paper, also known as a degree.

So far so good. However, formal education is a terrible thing. And “terrible” is when an understatement. And not just for some illegitimate reasons that no one can justify. Here they are for your judgment.

Formal Education Heavily Relies on Past Works

I didn’t choose that title to disapprove the Einsteinian theories. In fact, I’m one of his biggest fans. But then, I disapprove it that formal education is bad, is terrible, is awful, is disgusting and just a victimizing piece of crap that tells people to use nothing but the Einsteinian theories. If formal education taught people on how to come up with such theories, maybe someone would have solved the space-time continuum theories right before I did. Actually, formal education teaches the past instead of making the victims learners learn from the past.

Too Much Knowledge that No One Applies

Formal education destroys: formal education is bad for you

Formal education learner get to learn a lot – a lot they never use.

Every passing day, so much is taught to school prisoners learners who have to learn it to the heart or else, it wouldn’t work out too well for them since they obviously would not pass the tests. But then, I have a problem. Why is it that Physics leans on Einstein each day of its survival, while Einstein had to be flushed out of school since he was too smart dumb for the tests?

School teaches so much that you will rarely apply. Those algebraic equations that most people had to deal with, where are they in real life?

Formal Education is Based on False Promises

Formal education destroys: formal education is bad

The promise that your degree will help you get a job… 😂

So you did a degree, a masters and a PhD? Well, that’s approximately 10 years of avoiding real life. You will come back to the world you left 10 years ago and all of a sudden, the degree isn’t the criteria for getting the job anymore. Basically, when you finish, this is how your degree will help you:

98% looking nice on the wall

2% help you find a job.

And if you doubt those statistics, then I bet you are already one of those formal education has landed in the wrong careers because you were promised a job at the end of it all. You think you are the one the job vacancy has been waiting for? How about you try back in your school just to test the waters if they look friendly enough for force your health.

If this didn’t open your eyes to what the whole world has been fooled about, then maybe you have no eyes.