A certain musician puts the idea of guilty pleasures like:

My songs know what you did in the dark…

~Dead by April

If that were actually true, I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. It is like a basic need for the human to do something in the dark that would definitely change his life if the people found out. Note “change his life.” Not that it’s not exactly changing his life, but that it is changing his life for the worse. And people would certainly make sure that the person is thoroughly embarrassed, but this is actually the ridiculous part of it.

It is by everybody’s fault that the person actually does it in the dark. It is in the nature of the human being to have himself not to blame for his own wrongs. People always want to blame other people for their own faults. This is the nature of humanity when it comes to authorizing and admitting to their own faults. This is why this article exists: to make it clear that you’re not the only one who is guilty of masturbating, neither the only in the world of secret desires that don’t seem to mix so well with the general measures that define the human destiny, according to them that think know what humanity is  ̶  which is basically everybody on earth.

Looking at this from another angle, you will already have realized that I am not going to list them in here, and instead, I will list them in here  ̶  and I am already awfully sorry for being sexist on this particular issue that females always identify with so easily.

The human being keeps hating something done by someone else and preaches passionately against it. The thing about it is that the person does the same thing he preaches against, with the same passion he did preach. And that statement was not just made for the sake of proving reverse psychology works. It is a show that your guilty pleasures are not only to be found with you. Rather, they are present everywhere, on almost every human being’s brain.

Some have the mastery against these, whereas most don’t even have an idea if there is a reason they should work against them.  While this is not exactly a problem, it turns into real guilt of sin or crime when it happens that you already have done it and the best you could do is asking for forgiveness if need be.

Guilt #1

Carrying our share of your guilty pleasures to the public

In the hierarchy of human feelings, love for oneself comes first, then immediately followed by insecurity of one’s reputation, which consequently leads to one being afraid of being found staring at his sister with lust. Man is afraid of himself and would do anything to erase every memory of what he did. This is part of human nature, and I think this is not anything close to the time when every wrong deed should just be accepted and added to a long list of very odd undoings called human weaknesses.

The term human weaknesses has indeed been turned into an excuse for every sin and wrong one commits, and now looks like a license that allows anyone to do anything  ̶  anything ̶  in the name of being weak as a human. Human beings have become so cunning that they create a fool-proof excuse such as that. Well, almost fool-proof.

Instead of focusing on the fact that one is human and is prone to wrong, it is always worth the look that one does not abandon his human decency in the dark because you think you have an addiction you are dealing with. “My songs know what you did in the dark” is actually true when it comes to dealing with those guilty pleasures that you enjoy.

One day, in some odd way, you will be answerable for these. The truth, whether you like it or not, will come out into the open in some way. Your guilty pleasures will be known, believe it or not. It is more embarrassing than anything else when you happen to be found out, rather than finding your way away from these.

I must not digress into advice, as I am nothing close to the worst counselor  ̶  I’m worse, so let  me get back to what I do. I tell the human truth in the worst way possible. If one of the things you are guilty of is watching [pron] and the technique you sometimes use to stop yourself is imagining that the featured [pron]-star in it is your mum, then you have a lot more to deal with than just [pron].

Guilty pleasures #2

Viewing her and thinking it’s your mum so you stop

In short, if you are guilty of anything, the worst you can do about it is trying to disgust yourself out of it. There is never a guarantee that you will throw up after seeing someone eating human dung, but there is a guarantee that you will die if you start taking selfies and dating at any time between 0 and 109 years of age. Very seriously.