“Just get a regular word like what the [fcuk] is a Google? Google? That don’t even make sense!”
~ DMX .

“My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in.”
~ Kanye West.

I do not have a better term to use, but seriously, hip-hop music is dead. Each and everyday, an average human will have at least 3 encounters with some gibberish-like gibberish rubbish known as hip-hop sometimes dubbed “music.” And, this time, no defense is coming your way. If you are part of the human population inflicted by hip-hop, then you’d better find an alternative – get a life in short. Hip-hop music is dead and gone, so unless you plan to revive it, you better think again of what you support.

Back in the days…

Hip-hop was at first music. In the 60s, before the invention of the modern computer, a [pron] machine, people would sit down with a pen and paper, and maybe a musical instrument and a third person and maybe a fourth and a fifth. The person in question, that’s the artist would then showcase his composition and would ask the audience of three if the track is worth taking to the studios. The music would be recorded with sense, relevance and a musical feel mind.

As times changed…

A few years later, as the death of hip-hop was loomig over the days, music production changed. People who know practically nothing about composing music got their hands dirty and pressed random keys on the computer keyboard and pretended to be producing music. People were so shocked at how terrible their “music” was that they decided to give it a try. The people who followed thereafter did not know the reason for this new trend and decided it was dope. Therefore, musical instruments became irrelevant and would only be seen in videos by people pretending to play them.

And now…

That was the evolution of music, and that was the evolution of hip-hop generally, right from the top genre into the grave, declared dead music by those who noticed the change – except for a few notable differences.
1. Agent Orange stooped rapping.
2. 2Pac died.
This is how boring hip-hop has become. With time, composing a hip-hop song became more like sex – something the person finds pleasurable and doesn’t want to be seen doing it – and just for a while was it like so. It was pleasurable because it was something easy and it was something easy because it had to make no sense. Simply get random words in a random language and concatenate them together, then choose any word and make it the title, after which you make more such rubbish in put them together and call it an album. 😭. That’s the death of a universal masterpiece. Hip-hop has instead become masterpiss, a kind of pee that dried up to conclude the demise of hip-hop.

What has happened to the plain old hip-hop songs we used to hear? What’s become of the music? Why now just this plain crap of people (and some not even people – the likes of Drake, Rae Shmurda and the one-eyed pirate Fetty Warp) singing in the most disgustingly horrifying voices as if every song they compose is the Halloween version? Since when have hip-hop artists been synonymous with cry babies where some of them “artists” even cry on stage because a girlfriend left them? Is hip-hop all about the person who cannot make a line that doesn’t have to be censored, with barely any grammatically correct sentences?

Where did the sense in the music go? Where did the music part of hip-hop go to, because artists are just bragging how much money they don’t have and how many cars they don’t ride. How do we explain why every hip-hop song is just about ladies being called female dogs or just plain [bichtes]? What has become of hip-hop? Shall we always have to compose our own songs or just leave hip-hop dead as it already is?

So what next, now that hip-hop music is dead?

As of 2013, hip-hop was dead – officially and anyone murmuring that “hip-hop music is dead” would be stoned to death for not saying it out loud.. Two years later and the grave was all well dug but not buried until Fetty Warp, Future and Drake joined hands to make sure hip-hop is very dead and buried it 69 feet under.

Hip-hop music is dead

The death of a universal icon

Shall there arise a superhero who is going to resurrect hip-hop? Is there going to arise the good old Eminem of the past? Who shall now be that person who raps like 2Pac? Or is hip-hop simply dead and gone away as T.I puts it?