Sometimes life gets hard. Actually, all the time. It’s just the degree of harness that varies. And with this change in life, females are inflicted by problems, most of which begin with men: menstruation, menopause and just the human men. This brings forth the necessity of enlightenment on how men address female problems and where they go terribly wrong.

The woman is seen as an object

Many people, most of whom have never taken their time to view a few posts here at Six Critics, especially this one, do think that this is the 21st century and therefore women have their say. I cannot disagree that this is the 21st century but I must agree with one thing, that females are not longer viewed as objects. A few noticeable things here:

Why does she get looked at by eyes seeking pleasure?

Everyday, she would catch people staring at her like a public cinema, some of whom have wives. Well, while it’s not wrong to keep looking at the menu after making the order, it’s just very wrong to drool into someone else’s plate in the name of it looking delicious. You cannot just go staring at her body for the sake of pleasure and infatuative admiration with no intent of appreciative viewing. Her eyes are the window into her soul and if you want to see the parts you admire, look at her from the inside.

She has to please the guy

Have you ever come across some lady who’s dressed so hot and just couldn’t come to terms with trading places with her in ad much as she’s hotter than you – because she had to dress good for the guy? She arrives at this decision when she just can’t do away with the pressure of the guy asking a lot of her and she just accepts.

In such a case as this, the female problem doesn’t start with the man. The man is the problem that doesn’t know how to address female problems. He simply cares that he’s getting his wish rather than looking for the mutual benefits. He cares that she takes selfies in the middle of the night just to show them to him without him caring that she had to get out of the warm blankets just for him, at his demand. He therefore becomes the problem that doesn’t know how to address itself. Poor human. 😞

If she doesn’t show up, she’s risking

Many do take risks that could cost them their lives, for the guy’s pleasure. They would let them have them. Play with them, you around with them, then they would insert fatal foetal objects into them and leave them to solve their own problems. This is like something your dad didn’t do yo your mum, cause if he did it, you shouldn’t be reading this.

I do not like men who simply don’t understand how much it takes to say yes to whatever after the much insistence. You just want to victimise someone as soon as possible for as-soon-as-possible’s sake.

She is pregnant of words to say

This often happens when she can’t do about the person who keeps hurting her that she simply can’t just trail away from her. She’s a masterpiece of her inventions and her inventions may be quiet ones. The man who thinks or wishes to know the how men can properly address female problems must learn to listen to her and make her wishes subject of discussion for as long as necessary. If she doesn’t speak, then how mean address the female problems is either not problematic or is too problematic to her.