Online dating addict

A typical online dating addict

Before the rise of smartphones (more specifically dumb phones), internet dating was manageable. Internet dating addicts were geeks with flabby fingers are were just physically unfit for the real world. Their online dating is therefore acceptable, although the part where these bearded geeks impersonate females and eventually turn gay or goes for a transexual operation. Great, they will just be adding numbers to people who, literally, do not fall under any gender.

Online dating is no longer what it was. Back in the days, this would happen via email and sometimes – and very rarely – this would be taken to some IM (instant messaging services such as Skype) platform for proof of genuineness and also for the pleasure of it. It’s been a few years down the line and it’s all changed. Online dating isn’t even conducted on the online dating sites. Maybe they should rather be called online hook-up sites as the actual dating in all sorts of apps that were supposed to be used for some ambiguous services. Some hip-hop artists have even been mentioned to participate in this act! I personally find it unbelievable that this is actually happening!

It feels more like a new beginning of the end of the end of good things happening to humanity. Online dating is the worst of all human kind inventions other than slave trade and dictatorship. Why this is so is because of several reasons, most of which are related to each other in one way or another. “Related” in this case does not mean the kind of “related” that happens when two people hook up and begin dating. 😝. To put it plain, all the reasons have some sort of a common cause. Let’s dig into these.

1. Online dating does not respect real world environment.

Maybe one would understand this in a nice manner, but it be difficult not to be convinced that online dating will not care of you’re attending your love in an underwear and pretending to be in a conference. Maybe it would be congested but a certain group of creatures called [mornos] since it gives them their space to be professional liars around the globe. But it’s that what life is supposed to be? Should the competition be on who cheats best?

Should it happen that the lover has to die because she has to be involved in a road accident because she was texting her twenty-third spouse on some ambiguous IM platform, how is this other person supposed to know of this misfortune?

2. Online daters have very few genuine participants.

Maybe you’re utterly shocked by this blasphemous statement, but you need to absorb the statement this very second before proceeding to the next sentence.

If you’re reading this sentence, that might mean you’re seriously in need of a reason or maybe scientific research facts to backup this point. However, let me ask you one simple question. Have you ever wondered why all those online dating platforms are always advertised by a certain lady looking for true love? Has the girl at the neighbour ever gone to your dad’s brother’s door begging him for love? Why then does this always happen online?

Where are these girls in real life, these girls that always want a man online? Where do they hide because men generally spend twice their lifetime without any such encounter with any female.

Online dating is 20% made up of robots that try to generate traffic (these are people who visit a site that are given such a terrible name in the name of marketing) to these dating websites, 40% genuine men, 30% men who impersonate ladies, 9% genuine gays and 1% genuine ladies. This means that chances of finding a genuine dating partner online are not only thin but very thin. Don’t be fooled by Amy pretty face looking dolly-like barbie girl online… It could be the guy with a bear-like beard that you’re dating.