Generally, the above title, the perfect world, is the phrase given to  an actually nonexistent world depicted in movies by means of optical illusions and open-wide lies that everyone is expected to solely believe within the first 2 seconds of the movie. Often, this world is depicted to have overly intelligent individuals whose lives revolve around corruption and the ability to kill everyone but themselves. Then, and only then, will they find the guy on the wrong and the movie often ends when the good guy is killed and everyone left alive then has to find his own means of surviving the rule of the bad guy.

Other variations of the perfect world entail a human man who is trapped on an island after a shipwreck. Often, this man produces a movie where he is alone in all the scenes except that he realizes his world is perfect because a human woman of his dreams is the one behind the camera the whole time the movie is being made. Six Critics bears no resemblance to the substances that bring forth talks about the filthy acts this man would do to this woman once they are off the screen. Sometimes, they can’t wait to get off the screen. Like they literally can’t wait and they decide to it while still on-screen. Here, Six Critics officially gives a disclaimer: should you rapture your testicles or other parts of your genitalia, you stand no grounds to claim that you knew of such a thing from here.

In reality, everyone has their perception of a perfect world.  Some consider it as the society without blemish. Other think it is a world where all rapists have been castrated whereas the majority thinks it is a world where all differences were eliminated. I wouldn’t exactly comment on people’s thoughts here, truth being known to exceed these by far. But what exactly is the truth here? Can one successfully define the perfect world? Is there such a thing as “the perfect world?”

Six Critics is a product of a citizen of earth whose eco concern exceeds his ego (you may want to check out Man vs Animals: no difference) by far and guesses his contribution to the disappearance of the perfect world is critically high and a bazillion times less yours:

Perfect world: human imperfection

Human destruction of the environment

Humans are generally a very very weird species. They are all physically different and partly similar mentally when it comes to the part when they compete for the winner of the most empty head. However, differences are clearly visible when it comes to defining what one thinks a perfect world should be like. One particular human caught the attention of a few, myself included because he said something a typical human would say, that the perfect world is one where [pron]-stars live by his door and serve him at his call, where work is automatically done before it’s necessary, where he’s paid unnecessarily huge amounts of salaries because of listening to James Blunt all day, while every other human is a puppet whose one and only duty is to die at his demand. He had every reason to say this 23 times verbatim except that Six Critics was unable to decipher the gibberish that came forth once he had correctly pronounced the last part of what his definition was; old mama sitting by must have cursed him for being too honest.

Old mama had her definition of course. She thought the perfect world is one where every human being is a Christian and they all understand the importance of being poor and proud of it. She went on to add that a human being should not have the privilege to live and choose how he lives: God should do all that. She wrapped up by saying that a perfect world is one where thugs would stop their car in the middle of police chase to listen to the street preacher who had just received a vision of the end of the world due on 9th of November 2016 beginning from  11.09Am, where all tickets have been prepaid, VIP tickets to be specific, for every human, and the event made compulsory for everything that believes in (or not) the possibility of homo sapiens sapiens having been planning to mess up their destiny from first day.

Perfect world: homo sapiens

Homo sapiens messed up

Long story short, everyone has their definition of a perfect world. Even the drug addict whose perfect world consist of all vegetables having been made illegal to give room for weed, also has a valid definition of a perfect world. For this reason, Six Critics had to ban every human from actualizing their secret longings and calling them a world because that would be the cause of the third, fourth, fifth, tenth, ten and halfth and twenty-third world wars, which, for a fact, would make up someone’s definition of a perfect world too! So, now that the humans can only fantasize about “the perfect world”, what then?

You understand the importance of my genital in this house, don’t you? If for example, I didn’t have it fully loaded on the night I met your mum, you understand you would have been part of the tampon recycling company profits, don’t you?

~ A dad bullying a son for stating the perfect world is one without dads and other drunkard bullies.

What then? For sure you must know by now that the possibility of a common “perfect world” is near nil, from the negative side. Why? Because humans are different. Some think the paradise sucks and should not be an option. So, then, is there such a thing as a perfect world?

Six Critics is not among the highest rated web check point for stupid articles. This is to say that this article has a point and cannot just be there to point out a nonexistent object – the perfect world. A secret underground land was found to have the characteristics of whatever you choose to make it look like. It actually has a default look of a green places with the sun in the clear skies and two dinosaurs having dinner on the other side of the blue lake on which shore you stand on, just looking at the beautiful environment.

Perfect world: dinosaurs

The underground perfect world

So, is this the perfect world? Certainly not. At least not for Six Critics because such a world would mean a huge disaster for the internet, on which it relies 1.2%, and also for other members of earth who consider James Blunt and [pron] as basic needs; all of which will go down with disappearance of the internet and consequential appearance of this world. Imagine living in a world with no earphones and potato crisps, isn’t it perfect? Of course it is, for some, not for others. There is a perfect world already and the fact that you’re reading this article shows you don’t realize this fact.

Perfect world: unrelated

Totally unrelated picture placed here for no reason

Scientific studies have revealed a planet approximately 150 million miles from the sun. It has modest climate and perfect botanical and faunal living conditions. This world has its atmosphere made up of oxygen by a huge 21%, which is meant to stay at a dynamic equilibrium at that percentage by its botany and fauna. The planet has a 23.996 hour long days and takes 365.25 days to revolve around the sun. The planet has enough resources to feed its current population for two eternities as it is self-satisfying. This planet is known as Earth, home to the money-hungry human being who wants to grab the resources meant for all species and use them to please his apoptotic genital. The act exponentially increases his rate of collecting STDs to the point where he has some he cannot name, neither can the doctors.

Basically, the point is this: describing a perfect world with no theft and corruption looks like a wish to me. There cannot be a world more perfect than the one we currently live in, for some very basic reasons given already: human differences. Each person has his own perception of such a world and it goes without saying that each person is responsible for building that world for himself. Just as you don’t expect someone else to pick up the tissue paper and clean your mess after an intensive session in the washrooms, so shouldn’t you expect someone else to create the world for you. Every human being has a shockingly unlimited potential to disappoint you, which is why you would be a wise one to follow this advice. A lot of people would stop at nothing to make sure they have the perfect world, and I would wonder why you’d be the one creepy exception. To actually achieve this, it begins with realizing that this world is nothing but your dream. If you can make your dream come true, then I should wonder what else you would need to call your world a perfect one.