Basic introduction to prison

Prison is an underworld dungeon where innocent people are accused of rape and taken there for torture. Victims are usually lured into accepting these accusations by their lawyers who are school dropouts from imaginary schools. These people are in need of money, so they would do anything to sell their victims clients out to the prison monsters who are always hungry for people they want to make sad.

Prisoners are usually expected to be immortal by the judges, which is why some of them are given a prison term of 896 years. They later learn this fact, and would try to break away from prison knowing that their immortality wouldn’t allow the guards’ bullets to kill them. Unfortunately for them, the guards know that their immortality ends at the prison doors at which point they would launch nuclear missiles at them.

Basically, prisons operate on the basis of lack of cooperation from the prisoners. Knowing or claiming to be innocent, prisoners don’t think they deserve the punishment (often duped “rehabilitation“). Some of them think they are being rehabilitated from the right ways to live and become rogue. Actually, “becoming rogue” is a light version of what really happens. Usually, the politest way they do this is advertising their bottoms and compete who is more gay than the rest. Your understanding of “gay” here is critical.

The beginning

The most gay of them is thought to be the most experienced, the most hopeful (or hopeless) to leave soon prisoner who would sometimes be referred to as the Messiah. Later, he would be the one to have the first “taste” of new comers before rest of the prisoners join in the brutal welcome ceremony where participants leave bleeding in all existing holes and additional ones made for the fun of the bleeding.

The new comers later learn that they had been shown mercy when more new comers arrive to the scene of even worse brutality. Usually, these ceremonies are conducted at the open bathroom where the guards officiate them easily. After the bath (which is compulsory for those who are not yet sure whether they are really immortal), all gay prison (which is basically all the prisoners) are expected to get back to their cages and imitate a chimpanzees zoo as they laugh at the crying new comers who would be laughing at newer new comers the following day.

The guards would later hear these noises and would turn up to pick a random prisoner and shoots him in the head to prove how powerful he is. He would later pick the weakest prisoner to dispose of the body and would reward him with a slap to his face instead of a bullet. This action calms down the noise for a maximum of 26 seconds before laughing starts again. The guard would then get tired and leave them to do as they wish.

12 seconds later, they’d be exhausted at how boring the shooting was and would all fall asleep. These are the moments when the better rogues would get out their packs of cigarettes and smoke half a stick and leave the rest for the rest of the remaining 870 years. Usually, 2 of these rogues would be caught and executed by the guards. Prisoners would later be accused of their murder and would be imprisoned further into the prison.

A typical day at prison

The accused prisoners are arraigned in the court-yard for an execution. Usually, this is a happy ceremony as the guards get one of them killed and 29 of the prisoners killed alongside those who were to be executed. This happens in an unplanned fight by those that still hope to get out of prison alive.

The rest of the prisoners who survive this fight are taken to mine sites to attempt to dig up nothing as punishment for not dying in the fight. This is also known as slavery without benefits. The slaves lose time, which they would still have lost anyway, while the officers lose time, which could have been wasted in a better or worse, and especially worse, way. Prisoners also have to break rocks. No one knows why.

Prison #1. Prisoners breaking rocks.

Prisoner breaking rocks

Lunch for guards. No lunch for prisoners.

Lunch breaks is 17 seconds for prisoners, forever for guards who would be lashing the prisoners while eating. The lashing makes prisoners rejoice for sure. They just look for death, which could arrive any microsecond.

The rest of the day is just a boring repetition of lashing and eating.

Evening comes and prisoners go back to the boredom business. Some talk with the guards on how the could get out (those who have built trust over time after realizing how hopeless both guards and prisoners are).

Prison #2. Prisoner escaping

Prisoner escaping

Others  look for newbies to sexually offend while other yet opt to get to their cages. No one knows why. Then bath, more newbies get in, noises, shooting, accusations, death and more boredom.


Really? That’s it? It really makes sense now why prisons are called “rehabilitation centers.” A more¬†polite title for such cruelty couldn’t have been made up.

I mean, minds are wasting away in custody of accusations of deeds they never partook because the government has to seem actively protecting its citizens.

But does it have to be that way? Is torture a synonym to rehabilitation? In any case, locking a person away for hundreds of years doesn’t undo whatever the person did… if the person really did something wrong, which is rarely true. The human being really needs to redefine his path, legal actions (as well as illegal ones termed legal) as well as how he views himself more important than another and would rather have someone else punished for his undoing.